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how to restore magnalite cookware

2 Unbelievably Easy Tips on How To Restore Magnalite Cookware

Knowing how to restore Magnalite cookware is not as complicated as most people think. If your cookware is starting to look stained and worn, it...
can you use ricotta cheese instead of sour cream

Can You Use Ricotta Cheese Instead Of Sour Cream? Smart Hacks You Should Know!

You ran out of sour cream and you’re curious to know - can you use ricotta cheese instead of sour cream? If your recipe calls...
do induction cooktops need venting

Do Induction Cooktops Need Venting? Important Things You Never Knew

Many homeowners ask - do induction cooktops need venting? There are so many confusions about ventilation in the kitchen and how to achieve the right...
can you cook steak in a nonstick pan

Can You Cook Steak In A Nonstick Pan? Expert Tips You Should Know

I have a few people asking me - can you cook steak in a nonstick pan? We all love juicy, tender steak. And if you...
how to thicken peanut butter

4 Awesome Tips on How to Thicken Peanut Butter: Check them Out!

When you have natural peanut butter at home, it’s equally natural that with time, the oils will separate. This can in turn make it...
can you boil water in a rice cooker

Can You Boil Water In A Rice Cooker? Here are The Do’s and Don’ts

One of the factors I put into consideration before buying any kitchen appliance is versatility, considering how much money it helps me save and...
do pressure cookers destroy nutrients

Do Pressure Cookers Destroy Nutrients? How to Keep Your Food Nutritious

Pressure cookers are all the rage now but… Do pressure cookers destroy nutrients? You want something quick and easy, yet you need to make sure...
do slow cookers kill bacteria

Do Slow Cookers Kill Bacteria? Surprising Facts You Never Knew

Food safety is a priority, so many people wonder - do slow cookers kill bacteria? We all know that raw meat contains bacteria. Thus, it...
are ceramic plates oven safe

Are Ceramic Plates Oven Safe? Practical Guide to Eliminate Safety Risks

Many people ask me - Are ceramic plates oven safe? Perhaps you need to heat food in the oven. Or you want to cook meals...
can i replace maple syrup with honey

Can I Replace Maple Syrup With Honey? Simple Tips For Best Results

You ran out of maple syrup, and you’re wondering - “Can I replace maple syrup with honey?” A great sweetener is always perfect for your...