How To Cook Canned Corn In Quick Time

Corns are the favorite delicacy for many of the people which come with a high nutritious value and are, therefore, recommended for consumption by the dieticians. Corns are actually very easy to cook if they are cooked with care and can be done in real quick time.

However, their flavor being very delicate, it is essential to cook them with proper care and watch over the flame. Once evenly cooked, corn can go as a good side dish with many of the main courses that we can think of.


Thus, here is the tastiest recipe that you can think of for cookingthe canned corns that you occasionally buy from the departmental stores.

Before we start with the procedure of learning how to cook canned corn in 5-6 minutes, let us jot down the ingredients that are required.

What You Will Need

Canned Corn

This is an essential ingredient because this is what the dish mainly comprises of. Corn is very healthy for the body as it provides nutrients like Vitamin B3, Potassium and anti-oxidants.

Though the canned corn is not as tasty as the fresh corn on the cob, yet as it not a perishable substance, canned corn retains its flavor even after several days

Can Opener

The can opener is an important thing that you require to safely open the can of corns

You can definitely use a knife or any other alternative that you can think of to do the same task; however, to maintain accuracy and safety, the can opener is the best option.


Most of the canned corn that you buy off the shelf from a store contains added preservatives to them, these preservatives are not very healthy.

Thus, it is better to wash them off by washing the corns multiple times and then using the strainer to strain the water off


A spoon is essential too because many times you will have to mix the seasonings to the corn. Moreover, even while checking if the corn is properly cooked or not, you require a spoon.


Butter is the best ingredient that you can think of to enhance the taste of corn and add nutritious value to your dish along with a splendid aroma

Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper are two essential things that are needed to enhance the taste of the dish.


The saucepan is the utensil in which you will be cooking this much-loved dish. So, make sure that you are using at least a medium-sized saucepan of a good quality so that the corn is evenly cooked.


A medium sized bowl too is required for washing the corns and later for serving them too.

Now that we have arranged for the essentials, let us move on to the process of preparing the much-awaited dish step by step

Step-By-Step Instructions

1- Opening The Can

Use the Can Opener to open the can containing the corn, be careful while doing so or else you mind end up getting a deep cut on your fingers.

Take out as many corns that you want to cook and set them aside in a medium-sized bowl. After you have done so, put the rest of the corn in the container back into the refrigerator.

2- Rinsing the Corn

Now rinse the corn with plenty of water so that the unwanted preservatives are washed away and the real flavor of the corn is what remains. This will be a much healthier way of having the canned corn.

Use the strainer to remove the remaining water from the bowl of corns till the corns are completely dried off

3- Igniting the Flame and Pouring into the Saucepan

Ignite the flame and place the saucepan on medium flame till it gets sufficiently heated up. Now pour the corns into the saucepan and cover it with a lid. Keep the flame on a medium scale

In case you set the flame on low, the corns might become too hard because they might get overcooked.Stir the corns by removing the lid occasionally so that the corns are boiled evenly

4- Checking for Sufficiently Boiling And Enhancing The Flavor

After they are boiled sufficiently, remove the saucepan from the gas stove.

Now add a spoonful of butter and the required amount of salt and pepper to enhance the taste of your side dish.Mix them well using a spoon so that the flavors are evenly distributed. Keep this mixture for 2-3 minutes

5- Pouring Out the Cooked Corn

After you are happy with the flavor, pour the cooked corn in a medium-sized bowl. Garnish the corn with smoked paprika or chili flakes if you want your side dish to be a little spicy. Serve while the preparation is hot.

Try Cooking Some Canned Corn Today

After you have carefully followed these steps, you will realize that you have actually learned how to cook canned corn.

You can also cook the same dish by in a microwave. The difference, in that case, would be the use of utensil, that is, you need to use a microwave-proof container instead of the saucepan and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Though the nutritional value in both these cases would be the same, however, experts and also those people who treasure their culinary skills have quoted that cooking corn on the gas stove gives a more natural flavor and is, thus, a preferable mode of cooking.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the ingredients and the essentials right away and give a pleasant surprise to your happy family!

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