Picking the Best Lump Charcoal: How to Do It the Right Way

​The taste of grilled chicken and barbecued meat will never be complete without the smoky and flavorful effect of a lump charcoal. It’s not part of the ingredient but it plays a crucial role in cooking preparation. If you are fond of having a small eating session or have some jam with your friends indoor, having a stock of best lump charcoal for grilling and likes will cause a lot of cooking convenience.  


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Here are the top picks today!

​Best Lump Charcoal Reviews

​Below are five of the top lump charcoals in the market.

​1. Original Natural Charcoal - 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoals

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​This is one of the better options in the market that’s why this become one of the popular best lump charcoal for customers.  People recognize this product because it can be quickly ignited, and it achieves a favorable temperature for searing and smoking.

​The type of wood used in making this charcoal is scrap wood so expect a small cut of lump charcoal.  But it's quite cool because it can ignite for short period of time.  It’s also good that it is settled in plastic bags, which let you avoid charcoal dust or mess. If you want to increase the cooking temperature, you may open the vent to increase airflow. 

​Though this could be a bit expensive, it worth the price due to its value. Since these burns hot, you must check the food you’re cooking from time to time to avoid overcooking.


  • check
    ​Burnt well
  • check
    ​Lasting burning capability
  • check
    ​Adds favorable flavor to food
  • check
    ​Nice elevated temperature
  • check
    ​Burn well producing less ash


  • expeditedssl
    ​Charcoal bags may be full of dust

2. Fogo Super Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal

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​This suits best for you if you’re searching for a premium quality lump charcoal. This lights fast and could perfectly cook or grill within just a few minutes. In terms of hotness, this produces really high heat that could last for a longer time as compared to the usual charcoal you may get from somewhere.

​Fogo charcoal gained a lot of popularity because the charcoals are made from dense hardwood chunks coming from selected trees.

When it comes to giving distinct aroma as well as unusual smoky taste, the use of hardwood charcoal would be the best lump charcoal option.  No wonder people go crazy on this.   This lump charcoal is not just supper for its nice burning capability. There’s only few dirt as well small charcoal pieces in its bag.


  • check
    ​Super for sharing distinct smoky flavor to food/dishes
  • check
    ​Long time burning
  • check
    ​Easy lighting


  • expeditedssl
    ​Better filtration of the charcoal bag

​3.Jealous Devil All-Natural Lump Charcoal

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​Jealous Devil has known for more distinct aroma it contributes throughout smoking or grilling process. It produces quite a high temperature and could last for three hours and more.  The charcoal is created from the Quebracho Blanco tree which contains awesome density.

​Using this is extremely safe because it's all natural, having no fillers and chemicals.  More than that, the smoky taste it contributes don't overpower the texture. Lighting this up is also very easy and simple.

The charcoal is efficiently packed due to its improved bag, which is heavy duty and contains less dust.  The bag contains medium and large-sized charcoal.  Since it can burn for a long period of time, this is very advisable for grilling or barbecue cooking.

​This is one decent best lump charcoal that would worth the investment.  The quality is good.


  • check
    ​Best for grilling
  • check
    ​Heat distribution is even
  • check
    ​Produce high temperature that’s best for cooking
  • check
    ​Quickly ignites
  • check
    ​Less ash created


  • expeditedssl
    ​Less large charcoal chunks in the bag

4. Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal

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​Other charcoals that are available in the market are made from processed wood and scraps. But this Kamado lump charcoal is made from genuine trees that’s why it burns really well and gives premium wood fire.  This is the best lump charcoal for slow cooking because this burns longer.

It is also made of hardwood, so the user may expect longer burning time.  The bag contains a combination of smaller charcoal pieces and larger chunks.   Depending on your cooking requirement, you can decrease or increase the burning temperature through its mix pieces.

​This is great if you need hotter burn and lasting fire.


  • check
    ​Best for cooking or grilling
  • check
    ​Produces nice heat
  • check
    ​Easy to ignite
  • check
    ​Burns longer
  • check
    ​High-quality charcoal


  • expeditedssl
    ​A bit expensive

​5.Royal Oak 195228021 Lump Charcoal

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​Royal Oak is an all-time natural charcoal that’s best for smoking. There’s also no added additives or chemicals so it is very safe to use.

​If you are grilling or cooking meat, veggies or fishes, this charcoal may add a mild smoky yet awesome taste, which is a good thing.  Lighting this up takes little time and after 15 minutes, you will be able to achieve the ideal or required cooking temperature.

​This best lump charcoal is made from American hardwood, which comes from Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. Royal Oak lump charcoal has a high burning capacity and provides a total fuel efficiency which is ideal for longer cooking.


  • check
    ​Ignites easily
  • check
    ​Share the unusual smoky flavor
  • check
    ​Efficient burning or heating capability
  • check
    ​Reduces time for cooking
  • check
    ​Creates less ash


  • expeditedssl
    ​May contain smaller charcoal chunks in the bag

What is a Lump Charcoal?

Tips for the lump charcoal

Charcoals are being used since 4000 B.C.E. These are woods that are half-burnt and burns slowly and hotter. This originates in Asia.  The charred dark blocks rise its popularity and relevance to the lives of most people these days.  It is used for cooking in houses or huts because these produce less smoke compared to the wood itself.

Moreover, these are also used in melting tin and melting copper to create bronze. Due to vast demand for charcoal, several producers have been producing finest charcoals for varied cooking purposes. One of the most common uses of charcoal is for grilling. It adds more flavor to the meat.

​Lump Charcoal vs. Briquettes

A briquette is a form of compressed block created from coal dust and other materials such as sawdust, paper, wood chips, and charcoal. If you already experience using both lump charcoal as well as briquette. Which do you think is better?  On the other hand, if you haven’t used this yet, we’ll answer the question for you.

The truth is that there is no exact answer to this question. It will always depend on the individual preferences of its users. On the other hand, there are some reasons why lump charcoal could be a better choice compared to briquette. 

Below are reasons why it is way better:

  • ​Using lump charcoal enable you to gain optimum control on the overall process of cooking. This is because it burns hotter and then longer.  More than that, if you have chosen the best lump charcoal, there will be less ash.
  • The all-natural lump charcoal could share a distinct smoky taste without any chemical contamination worries.
  • Like lump charcoal, briquette could also burn evenly with consistent temperature. But you may not like the additive content of the briquette.  

​How to Choose the Best? Factors to Consider When Buying Lump Charcoal

Best lump charcoal

​What are the things you should consider before buying lump charcoal? For you to get the best out of charcoal lump, you must consider the following:

1. ​Easy to Ignite

​To save more time and energy, having a lump charcoal that’s so easy to ignite is an advantage.  Referring to customer reviews may help a lot.  If you have chosen a lump charcoal that does not ignite well, you’ll surely be annoyed.

2. ​Budget

Consider your budget in your every choice but remember not to sacrifice the quality.  Don't just settle for the cheap ones because most of the time choosing it would be more expensive in the long run.

​Also, not all expensive products provide the best service or use.  You must note the features, the quality and the price to achieve balance.

3. ​The Burning Duration

​It is best to get a lump charcoal that burns longer compared to a charcoal that does not.  This would be ideal for the meals that need longer preparation. Moreover, you could enjoy cooking.

4. Burning Time

How long will the charcoal chunks burn? This is an important question you need to ask yourself. Charcoal chunks that burn for a longer period of time are ideal since with them, you can prepare meals that take longer to get ready, and you can also cook a variety of meals.

5. ​Less Charcoal Ash

​It is very common to produce a charcoal when you burn something.  But the question is, how much ash does your lump charcoal produces? In choosing the right lump charcoal for your daily use, pick the one that creates less ash. With this, your meal will be prepared real fast while observing cleanliness. Efficient use of charcoal is an advantage.

6. ​Burning Consistency

​To achieve an evenly cooked barbeque or other food, it is best to choose coal that burns consistently.  This is an ideal option.

7. ​​Burning Smell

​When the charcoal is burning, check whether it releases a chemical-like smell.  The ideal option when it comes to lump charcoal is that it doesn't create such smell and could save your food from chemical contamination.

8. ​The Charcoal Bag’s Component

​You should be vigilant on the components present inside the charcoal bag.   The best of it may contain more charcoal of large sizes and has less cracked ones.

​Best Tips on Using Lump Charcoal When Grilling

Does lighting a coal gives you a headache? Lighting a charcoal could sometimes be challenging because it needs patience and of course, right method.  This may sound like a simple reason, but it needs to be taken seriously.  For successful grilling or barbecue cooking, the charcoal must be well taken care of.

One of thing you need to bear in mind is the correct arrangement of charcoal because it is one key to achieving a nice grilled food.   For example, hamburgers could fairly deal with hotter temperature.   With this, you could arrange the charcoal in pyramid form. This way, the grill will experience high temperature.

​To control the temperature of your charcoal barbeque, watch this:

On the other hand, if you’re cooking food that requires low heat approach you also need to arrange the charcoal in an unusual way.  For example, if you ’re grilling brisket, the heat should be indirectly hit it.  Through this, you will avoid too much burning the food.

So, before you cook food, see to it that you know how much heat it could handle. That way, you will avoid overcooking and the likes.

Below are some of the tips when grilling.

  • ​You should know how to use the grill’s vent.  These are typically settled at the bottom or on its cover and is responsible for regulating the airflow received by the coal. When you keep the vent open, your charcoal will burn so hot but for a short period of time only.
  • Before you start cooking, see to it that you preheat your grill
  • For lighting up the lump charcoal, you may utilize a chimney beginner/ starter aside from using a lighter fluid.
  • Before you begin cooking, also make sure that you did not heat up the grill’s 2 sides at similar temperature.

​Below is a video showing how to light a charcoal for grill:

​Final Verdict

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​The use of lemon charcoal makes every cooking or grilling convenient and joyful. Among the best lump charcoal mentioned above, the best option would be the Original Natural Charcoal. Since it is a hundred percent natural, users would be free from chemical and additives contamination.  More than that, it adds smokier flavor, burns hotter and stays that way for an extended period.  It is indeed one best investment to make.

​Hope to help you with your best lump charcoal option.  For more queries, just leave your message below!

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