How To Clean Infrared Grill And Enhance Its Durability

The task of keeping the kitchen clean has never been an easy one. But it is also the key to tasty and healthy meals. If you are a maniac for grilled meals, you will have to take your cleaning a notch higher to ensure that your grill remains in good condition.

You should also ensure that you keep away dirt from building up. Have you ever bothered to know how to clean infrared grill? This is a skill that you should have at your fingertips if you are head over heels for grilled food.Let us all take a journey into the world of cleaning infrared grills.


How To Clean A Hot Infrared Grill

For some of us, leaving kitchen equipment and utensils dirty after cooking has never been part of us. I have always preferred to leave my kitchen and everything in it clean immediately after I have finished cooking. That way, I can be sure to have some good and peaceful rest. That means that you can also clean your hot infrared grill.

How To Clean A Hot Infrared Grill
  • Once you are done making your grilled meal, set your infrared grill on high temperature and leave it to run for up to 15 minutes. This is enough time to allow the food fragments which were stuck on the grates to burn off.
  • After you are sure that all the food fragments have burnt off, turn off your infrared grill and let it cool for about 5 minutes.
  • Use a soft damp cloth to wipe off the dirt from the cooking surface. A rough cloth is not ideal since it will no doubt ruin the cooking surface of your grill by creating scratches on it. 

Cleaning A Cold Infrared Grill

For those who prefer to clean their kitchen after they have had their meal and had time to relax, you need not worry about having to clean your cold infrared grill. It will not require much in terms of time and effort because the food fragments burn off on the grill rather than getting stuck.

	Cleaning a Cold Infrared Grill
  • Use a steel wire brush to clean off all the dirt, dust and ash from the cooking surface of the grill. To get rid of stubborn build up, scrub the cooking surface with a soft cloth with some non-abrasive cleaner applied on it. After cleaning your infrared grill, wipe off the cleaner residue using a clean cloth.
  • Refrain from using cleaners which are abrasive and dirty rags to clean your infrared grill. It certainly would add up to no good. If you are lucky to have an infrared grill with a clean function, it will come in handy after you are done getting rid of the loose dirt.
  • Even after all that cleaning, I would recommend that before you set your food to cook on the grill, run it for some 10 minutes. 

Cleaning The Outer Part Of The Grill

Cleaning The Outer Part Of The Grill
  • Remove the loose dirt as well as dust with a stiff wire brush made of stainless steel. For this reason, you should clean the exterior of your infrared grill.
  • Add a tablespoon of dishwashing soap or better, a mild detergent with half a liter of water. The mild detergent works well for infrared grills made of aluminum. For this purpose, you still need to avoid using abrasive cleaners. With a soft piece of cloth soaked in the solution, clean your infrared grill’s exterior.
  • If you have an infrared grill made of stainless steel material, a multi-purpose cleaner will still serve you well. Spray a good amount of it on the grill and wipe it off gently with a clean piece of cloth. Once you are done cleaning it, apply some primer with rust-inhibiting quality.
  • Coat it with a metal paint which is rust resistant to enhance its appearance and keep it glowing for longer.

Important Tips

Important Tips for clean infrared
  • Before you set out to grill your meal on the infrared grill, wipe it clean with a clean and soft cloth, even on its handles. This way you will get rid of all the dirt that may have accumulated since you last used your infrared grill.
  • To ease the cleaning process, try not to spill any liquid on your grill as you place your meat or any other food on it. Make sure that you wipe off anything that accidentally spills on the grill to prevent it from sticking and drying up on the grill.
  • The frequency of cleaning your infrared grill is not specific. It is recommended that an infrared grill should be cleaned two times annually, but it will depend solely on your preference and how often you make grilled meals. Cleaning it often is ideal especially if you grill your meals often.
  • Make sure that you use an abrasive chemical cleaner to clean all your grills whether they are made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel materials. This helps in cleaning rather stubborn deposits.

Clean Your Infrared Grill For A Healthy And Hearty Meal

Clean your Infrared Grill for a Healthy and Hearty Meal

Due to the ease brought about by the latest technology of the infrared grills, the least you can do is to give it a thorough clean-up, taking care of its cooking surface and not neglecting its exterior.

From the article on how to clean infrared grill, I am sure that you can do it with so much ease and no worries of getting it ruined. Cleaning the grill immediately after it has been used is most preferable to prevent the grime from settling and forming a hardened mess.The hardened mess will make the cleaning task harder.

Leave a comment on the article and let us know how you have been cleaning your infrared grill. There is a whole lot of people waiting to learn new and helpful ideas. In case you have questions, feel free to make an inquiry.

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