How To Preserve Coleslaw: Can You Freeze Coleslaw?

Coleslaw is one of the simplest dishes that anyone can ever make. It is quite versatile in that you can have it all by itself and it is also a perfect complement to a great recipe.

If you love coleslaw so much, you might find yourself in a situation whereby you have prepared more coleslaw than the amount you can consume at once. What do you do is such a situation? Do you take to waste the excess food?

That does not make sense and the only reasonable thing to do is thinking of freezing the excess amount. But can you freeze coleslaw? Let us find out together.


So, Can You Freeze Coleslaw?

so, Can You Freeze Coleslaw

Yes, you can freeze your coleslaw. I am certain that this is quite a relief to you especially if you are a coleslaw lover. You just have to take some precaution in some instances.

I would not recommend freezing of coleslaw which has mayonnaise as an ingredient. At the end of the freezing process, frozen coleslaw with mayo will have lost its taste and emerge with a rather patchy flavor after you have refrigerated it so that it can thaw.

Most people prefer to use other cream dressings as an alternative to mayonnaise. The alternative cream dressing makes the coleslaw safe for freezing. The reason why mayo is not preferable is because it tends to separate after it has been frozen. Its texture changes to being somehow rough and it becomes rather watery.

If you really want to add some mayonnaise to your coleslaw, add it after you have already frozen your coleslaw. This way you can easily attain the flavor and texture you intended your coleslaw to have.

How Can I Freeze Coleslaw?

Procedure 1: Coleslaw Without Mayo Dressing

freezer Coleslaw Without Mayo Dressing

Step 1:  Place your coleslaw in a freezer Ziploc bag, a single serving in each bag.

Step 2:  Squeeze out excess air from the Ziploc bag before you seal it.

Step 3:  Label the bags with the respective dates so that you can always be aware of how much your coleslaw has been sitting in the freezer. Always remember that any coleslaw that has stayed in the freezer for more than 2 months is unsafe for consumption.

If you desire to add some mayo to your coleslaw when the time comes for you to use it, thaw it first then add your mayo dressing.Its flavor will not be compromised in this case.

Procedure 2: Freezing Coleslaw With Mayo Dressing

As I had stated, freezing coleslaw with mayonnaise is not a good idea as it does not hold up as well as you would want it to in the freezer. It will eventually turn out to be runny. Luckily, there is a simple procedure you can use to prevent that from happening. Adding some oil and some vinegar dressing to your coleslaw will help solve the problem. Here is the simple procedure:

Step 1:  Get your coleslaw ready as well as your most preferable dressing. Place the coleslaw in a container or most preferably a Ziploc bag.

Step 2:  Before storing it in the freezer, squeeze out all the excess air. Leaving it in the air is likely to reduce the time which your coleslaw will be in a good state. Presence of air is a catalyst for the development of bacteria.

Step 3:  Label the Ziploc bag with the date when you store the coleslaw in the freezer. This helps in reducing instances of food poisoning as you can keep track of how long the food has been in the freezer. 

Coleslaw Thawing Process

Coleslaw Thawing Process

When the time comes for you to use the coleslaw which you had frozen earlier, the thawing process is rather easy.

  • Remove your coleslaw from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator to thaw for not less than two hours. To make sure that the thawing process is a success, I would recommend an overnight thaw.
  • After a whole night of defrosting, drain off excess water using a slotted spoon. This step is very crucial especially if your coleslaw had some dressing on it as it will be watery. Use your coleslaw within 3 days after you have thawed it and avoid refreezing.

Additional Helpful Tips

  • Defrost the coleslaw for not less than 2 hours in the refrigerator before serving.
  • To attain the best results, use a slotted spoon to drain off excess liquid from the coleslaw.
  • Add some more veggies after the thawing process is over to elevate a fresh taste. Bell pepper and carrots are ideal for this purpose.
  • After thawing your coleslaw, make sure that you use it within 2-3 days.
  • Always preserve your coleslaw in amounts which are equivalent to what you would use per serving. This way, you can avoid ruining it by refreezing. 


Conclusion for can you freeze coleslaw

The question ‘can you freeze coleslaw’ has been quite a puzzle to many people. I am sure that the fact that you can freeze it without much fuss is a relief to you just as it is to me especially if it has no mayo dressing.Always remember that if your coleslaw has dressing added to it, it will be watery. You will have to drain off the excess water.

However simple the process of making it is, having it stored and ready to use is better as it will save you the trouble of taking time to make it on a busy day. Never at any one time refreeze your coleslaw. You will simply ruin it.

Leave a comment on the article and let us hear your views on freezing coleslaw. If I have left out any key point on the topic, feel free to state it. Make inquiries where you need help, and I will answer as soon as I can.

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