What Shoes Do You Wear in The Kitchen?

Still trying to figure out what shoes are best to wear in the kitchen? If you are someone who works in the kitchen, whether you are a restaurant worker, fast food crew, home cook or chef, you need to wear the best style and type of kitchen shoe.

It is because the kitchen is one of the most dangerous-prone areas in either the home or a commercial establishment. It is the place where the trips, falls, slips, and other kitchen-related incidents might happen. You can prevent the risk of subjecting yourself from the mentioned incidents with the proper kitchen footwear.


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In most cases, the best one that you can wear in a kitchen or any other food-service environment is that equipped with a non-slip sole. Such can help prevent the risk of slipping even if you are dealing with plenty of moisture and slippery substances. Also, the most popular ones are those with a lace-up oxford design.

Slip-on varieties are also popular. With that in mind, it is safe to say that you really have plenty of options on kitchen shoes. To further make the task of choosing the right pair of shoes that you can wear in the kitchen easier, here are overviews of some of the most popular types of kitchen footwear:

Leather Oxford Shoes

The traditional leather oxford style shoe is commonly used in the kitchen area. In most cases, this style of footwear comes with a reinforced and round toe, as well as an excellent insole support.

Leather oxford footwear for men often comes with more eyelets (at least 5) when compared to the one designed for women. You can also expect more eyelets for the oxford shoes designed for chefs. It is a good choice for kitchen use as it is very convenient to wear plus it also has good traction, making it more protective.

Chef Shoes

Chef Shoes

Some types of footwear designed for use in the kitchen are called chef’s shoes. The good thing about chef’s shoes is that they are designed in such a way that they meet all safety regulations set by the right agencies. In other words, they often come with a skid-proof sole while also being oil and slip-resistant.

Authority Shoe also noted that working in the kitchen where different types of foods are often prepared exposes you to spills and too much grease and moisture. Greasy spills found on the kitchen floor can be hazardous for workers. That’s why most chef shoes are non-slip, making them protective. Furthermore, they are comfortable and waterproof

Slip-on Shoes

For a more comfortable experience when you are in the kitchen, you can also wear a pair of slip-on shoes. It is convenient and comfortable considering the ease involved in wearing it as well as removing it. You can also wear it both in the kitchen and the office.

That’s a good thing if you are an executive or sous chef who needs to be in the two locations in some cases. Ensure that you go for slip-on shoes constructed out of durable material as such offers a guarantee that it will last longer. It should also be lightweight, slip-resistant, and have the right heel height.


Clogs for chefs

You can also go for clogs as they work well in the kitchen or any food-related environment. In fact, this style is so popular in the culinary industry. Just like the other shoes already mentioned, clogs are also built to be slip-resistant. Most clogs are also unisex, which means that both men and women can wear it.

It would be best to go for clogs that feature a padded cushion insert so your feet will really feel comfortable while you’re wearing the footwear. In addition, it should offer proper support to your feet. It should be protective, flexible, and designed to make you feel comfortable no matter how long you use and wear it in the kitchen. 

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Shoes?

Now that you are knowledgeable about the most popular types of footwear that you can use and wear in the kitchen, it’s the right time to understand exactly what you should look for once you start making your search. During the selection, these factors will be of help to you:

Slip Protection – Note that the kitchen surfaces and floors are hazardous if you’re wearing a low-quality shoe. You need a shoe with a high level of slip protection. That way, you can make yourself less vulnerable to falls, slips, and skids that often happen to those who don’t wear the right footwear

Slip Protection

Make sure to go for a shoe with an outsole that can resist moisture and oily and slippery surfaces. The shoe also needs to have a non-skid or non-marking outsole. That way, you have higher chances of keeping yourself fully protected from possible incidents in the kitchen.

Comfort – Of course, it is also necessary to consider whether or not a particular kitchen shoe can offer you a high level of comfort. Remember that your job in the kitchen might require you to stand on your feet or move around for long hours. With that in mind, you should prioritize your comfort.

Go for a shoe that’s comfortable enough that it does not hurt nor pinch your feet. It should have a quality, light padding, which can prevent your feet from hurting in case you need to stand for too long. It also needs to have thick platforms and a padded insole.

A bit of heel height will also make sure that your feet will be protected from the hard and sometimes unforgiving kitchen floor. It can also add more spring to your steps. Just make sure that you don’t go for a heel, which is too high that you will already feel uncomfortable moving around. 

Support – A supportive kitchen shoe is also a must. You’ll know that you are wearing a supportive and firm footwear if it naturally follows the movement of your foot. In other words, it shouldn’t tilt backward, to the sides, or forward while you take each step. It should stay in a neutral position as much as possible


You have a hundred percent assurance that you are wearing a supportive shoe if it also helps avoid overpronation or underpronation. It also needs to have a proper arch, ankle, and heel support.

Durability – It is also crucial to invest in a highly durable and tough shoe – one that can withstand the tough kitchen environment. In most cases, you can detect the level of durability of a specific shoe based on the material it uses. The best material as far as durability is concerned is often leather.

However, it is also heavier and prone to moisture. You can also go for synthetic kitchen shoes as they are known to be lightweight. You can also expect these shoes to last longer, provided you don’t expose it to sunlight that much. Check the stitches of the shoe, too.

If the shoe has well-made stitches, then there’s a great chance that it can withstand moisture, making it highly durable.


​It is also a must to check the breathability, cushioning, and weight of the kitchen shoe. If you consider those factors, wearing the right kitchen shoes that can guarantee your safety is possible.

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