How To Select The Best Coffee For Latte Using Very Simple Tactics

People say that coffee should be as strong as death, black as hell and sweet as love.Sometimes not everyone would wake to a thrill of craggy black coffee. It is better to wake up to a cup of harsh coffee and then slowly migrate to something softer as the day dies off.That is the point where latte comes in.

Latte is basically a type of espresso shots that is mixed with milk and milk foam to form a beverage using a latte machine. It is more like cappuccino. Just like any other coffee beverage, its taste, texture, and flavor depend on the coffee and milk used.


It is not only finding the best milk for the latte that will make your latte good, investing time and resources in the coffee also matters.That is why we found it good to let you know how to select the best coffee for the latte. Here are some of the ways to land yourself the best coffee for your latte;

1.Be Conversant With The Flavor Profile

Best coffee for latte

Do you want the best coffee for your latte? There is no way around it; you must understand the details of the flavor profile of the coffee. Nowadays mediocre coffee is blatantly found everywhere. For an inexperienced coffee lover, it becomes hard to tell which is which.

To understand the depth of this matter, think of wine or beer as being more of books or novels and coffee being a newspaper or a magazine. In short, coffee is one of the most enjoyed beverages currently. Its ephemeral nature, therefore, makes it harder to hitch on.

Back to the matter at hand; for you to successfully pin down the art and science behind coffee, you will need to get yourself acquainted with some of these descriptions;

  • Aroma: The smell of coffee.
  • Acidity: Measure of the fruity or wine-like taste of the coffee.
  • Balance: This is the ratio of bitterness, sweetness, and acidity.
  • Aftertaste: The taste that lingers after the coffee is swallowed.
  • ThaCrema: Measure of how fresh the coffee is. Note that it is NOT the quality.
  • Earthiness: Soil or dirt flavor.
  • Cleanliness: How clear the coffee is from defects and how each flavor is clearly defined.
  • Floral: Perfume-like or floral taste.
  • Sourness: Sharp/vinegar taste.

The first thing to consider when looking for the best coffee is the presence of the flavor profile. If you notice the absence of the above descriptions then you don’t even need to look at it twice, it is a déclassé. These descriptions will tell whether the coffee meets your taste.

2. Know The Two Types of Coffee

Best coffee for latte 2

There are basically two types of coffee available, Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is the best for espresso because it has high freshness quality. It does not have subtypes though.It is therefore advisable that if you decide to go for robusta then ensure that you go for fresh ones.

Arabica on the other hand, unlike Robusta, has more subtypes. These subtypes are commonly called cultivars or varietals. Some varieties of arabica are good for espresso and show good quality.These varieties include bourbon, typica and Ethiopian Arabica coffee.This means therefore that Arabica stands the best chance for making a good latte.

3. Best Coffee Can Be Found Based On The Origin

best coffee for latte 3

Have you ever wondered why coffee has to be labeled with the region of origin? There is a reason for that. The taste and quality of coffee differ with the amount of humidity, rain, ambient temperatures and the altitude of the region where the coffee is grown. What you should know is that the best coffee is always grown at higher altitudes.

Coffee that is grown in Central America always has cleaner acidity and sweet aromatic flavor while the African coffee like the Ethiopian has good enzymatic taste, good pungency, and an aggressive bite. Some of the quality espresso arabica coffee beans are of Brazilian origin.

Most of them are wet washed and some dry-processed. For more on processing, let’s look at the third factor to consider when selecting the best coffee for the latte.

4. How The Coffee Beans Are Processed Matters as Well

Best coffee for latte 4

If you are wondering what processing has got to do with the best coffee, you are in for a surprise.As mentioned earlier, coffee is one delicate product. Its core taste lies in its freshness which has by far even surpassed the creative methods of the humanity of trying to contain it

How the coffee is processed matters a lot. Improper processing of coffee beans can lead to mildew or mold taste.Coffee beans can be processed in three ways, each with its different results. The first way is dry processing; here coffee cherry is allowed to dry out using ambient air.

This process comes with one major disadvantage; the coffee is more prone to defects. The second method is wet processing; this process uses water to get rid of the cherry and then getting access to the bean.

The third method is honey processing which is almost the same as wet processing only that after the coffee is soaked, it is dried immediately. The good part is that this process combines both types of flavors hence yielding the best-processed coffee.

5. How The Coffee is Roasted Affects The Flavor

best coffee for latte 5

Finding the best coffee for your latte will force you to juggle so many things including roasting. So, how does roasting coffee affect the coffee flavor?Lightly roasted coffee taste a bit grassy and emphasizes the natural taste of the bean. Medium roasted coffee has its flavor slightly affected; the sugar in the coffee, however, gets a little caramelized.

Darkly roasted coffee has its flavor changed the most. The sugar in them is caramelized completely.This in return gives the roasts a firm, sour, sooty and burned notes.These are five things that if considered carefully will help you find the best coffee for your latte.

Wrapping Up

There you have it on how to select the best coffee for the latte. Well, espresso can be made using different kinds of coffee beans.However, for late that is not the case. Latte is always not flexible since it contains a significant quantity of milk which tends to affect the taste and the strength of the coffee.

It is, therefore, advisable to go for more pronounced flavors so that its taste can overpower the milk. Use the tips given above to select the best coffee and make the best latte you could think of. Preparing the best latte also depends on your skill mastery. So, don’t blame it on the coffee if things go south. Just sharpen your artistry!

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