6 Best Cottage Cheese Types for Fresh Recipes

Cottage cheese is versatile and healthy, whenever you add it to a recipe or eat it raw. However, there are so many types of cheese to choose from. Whenever you cook a recipe, you need the best cottage cheese type to make it delicious. There are textures, quantities, taste and fat content you should consider.

I came up with a list of the main and best Cottage cheese types you can use next to fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs. I hope you will find inspiration in these cheeses and ideas for your spring and summer menu.


What is Cottage Cheese?

What is Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is a fresh cheese curd high in protein with a mild flavor. It’s not age or colored and differs by the fat levels from milk that it’s made of. Regularly, 100 g (3.5 oz) consists of 5 kcal (412kJ). The cheese is available in homemade versions from farmers and as industrial products.

You can find cottage cheese brands with a taste that resembles its homemade version online and in stores. The most famous and good of them are found at TodayTopReviews.com.

Nutrition specialists, healthy food devotees, and athletes regularly consume cottage cheese. It provides them with casein, which is a long-lasting low-fat protein. Pregnant women can safely consume cottage cheese.

The Best Cottage Cheese Types

1. Lactose-Free Cottage Cheese

Lactaid Cottage Cheese

The best cottage cheese is so versatile that can be consumed by everyone, including those with intolerance to dairy products. Lactaid has created a 1% milkfat product which is also lactose-free and easy to digest.

Regular cottage cheese contains lactose instead of lactase enzyme – the key ingredient from this cheese. Each pot contains 12 grams of protein which fuel you with energy for the entire day. 

Tip: You can use this cottage cheese for a fresh salad with shredded cabbage, grated carrots, chopped green onions, black pepper and mayonnaise.

2. Creamy Cottage Cheese

Creamy Cottage Cheese

Daisy has developed a cottage cheese with 4% milkfat. This product is naturally creamy and rich in taste. I have chosen Daisy as being among the best cottage cheese types as it contains no artificial ingredients. Therefore, the brand competes with other organic products, without excessive claims.

The Daisy cottage cheese may seem a bit salty, which makes it ideal for recipes. The 24oz (680 g) jar is sufficient for most of the meals you plan to create.

Tip:  Add it to your lasagna instead of ricotta. The recipe will become richer and creamier than you’re used to.

3. Popular Cottage Cheese

Popular Cottage Cheese

Breakstone’s cheese is America’s third most consumed brands of such products. This is a product which can also come in mixtures with fruit. The cheese is creamy and smooth and is also delicious if consumed raw.

The traits of this cottage cheese are delightful – it contains calcium and uniform curds which allow you to insert it in food.

Tip:  Add Breakstone’s cottage cheese is delightful for meal recipes.

4. Tasty Cottage Cheese

Tasty Cottage Cheese

Horizon sells a cottage cheese with 2% milk fat, with organic certification and available as small curd. This is one of the best cottage cheese brands which work for most of the recipe types. The product is rich in vitamins and is preferred by health-conscious people.

Its texture is creamy, and it has a balanced content of salt. A cheese jar provides you with 15% DV of calcium per serving.

Tip:  Mix this cottage cheese with fruit for your breakfast.

5. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

Friendship has developed a cottage cheese product with a 1% fat content. However, the product keeps its creamy and rich taste. It has enough salt to make your recipe balanced and easy to cook. The cheese includes vitamin A.

Low-fat cottage cheese is versatile and can be consumed both raw and in recipes.

Tip:  Balance meat-based recipes with the Friendship cheese to obtain a rich taste in a very low-fat product.

6. Organic Cottage Cheese

Organic Cottage Cheese

Organic cottage cheese is delicious when taken out of the fridge. The container is large enough to be used even twice. Moreover, those who wish to lose weight prefer the Organic Valley cottage cheese with 2% milkfat.

This could be the best cottage cheese brand you can consume on long-term. The cheese is made in small family farms.

Tip:  Add the cheese in vegetable sauces or any other diet recipe.

The Best Cottage Cheese Ideas

  • Add fruit and sugar to the cottage cheese.
  • Try cheese with fruit puree with salt and pepper.
  • Eat a fresh toast sandwich with cottage cheese and tuna.
  • Add cottage cheese to your regular fruit salad.

Wrapping Up

The best cottage cheese is your favorite. You can eat it raw or add it to plenty of recipes. Once you define your preferences, you can easily purchase cottage cheese from online stores or your corner shop.

Try the best cottage cheese for you!

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