What Could Be The Perfect Fish Stock Substitute?


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Having the right ingredients required for a particular meal is important towards achieving the perfect meal. It could be frustrating enough if you realize that you do not have a particular ingredient which is very important. This is because missing the key ingredients may stop you from meeting your expectations.

Getting discouraged is not allowed, and for that reason, you need to think on your toes and quickly come up with various ways of using what you already have in your refrigerator to substitute that particular product. For instance, you could be preparing a dish that goes perfectly with fish stock.

If you can barely get some fish stock soon enough, getting the perfect fish stock substitute will serve you better.Read on and get to learn about the perfect fish stock substitute.

What Is A Fish Stock?

Fish stock can simply be defined as a very important ingredient in the culinary world. It is liquid in nature which has been obtained from the non-fatty bones of fish. To get the perfect fish stock, the bones have to be simmered.

The best bones which are simmered to attain the best fish stock are obtained from less fatty fish. It helps a great deal in adding pure flavor to a variety of seafood dishes

How To Make Fish Stock?

Fish stock is quite an important ingredient for most dishes, especially seafood dishes, sauces and fish soups. In the Western countries, fish stock is made from fish heads and fish bones together with mirepoix which has been finely chopped. The ingredients should be simmered for 25 minutes at most and 20 minutes at least.

Cooking the fish stock for longer than 25 minutes will certainly ruin its flavor.In Japan, fish stock is made by cooking flakes for a brief period of about 5 minutes in hot water that is close to boiling. You can also make the fish broth which has a sweet taste and some strong feel. The easiest way of achieving this is by boiling fried fish for a few hours.

Cooking the fish stock for longer than 25 minutes will certainly ruin its flavor. In Japan, fish stock is made by cooking flakes for a brief period of about 5 minutes in hot water that is close to boiling.

You can also make the fish broth which has a sweet taste and some strong feel. The easiest way of achieving this is by boiling fried fish for a few hours.

Fish stock can also be made using other seafood. If you do not have fish, you can get a perfect substitute from other sea creatures such as shellfish, crawfish, mussels, shrimps, and prawn. Do not worry about the procedure since it is simply the same for all stocks.

Shellfish is not recommended since they have plenty of debris attached to them from the bottom of the sea. Shellfish have their habitat at the sea bottom. If they are the only available option, you need to clean them very well before you use them to make your stock.

Distinction Between Fish Stock And Fish Broth

Fish Broth
Fish Broth – Via: nestlerecipescaribbean.com

Fish broth is obtained by including the solid ingredients such as pieces of the flavoring fish, an assortment of veggies and spices and whole meats. The end product is a thick liquid. There is also a possibility that you can add some starches like barley and rice to make some fish soup.

Fish stock, on the other hand,is a thin liquid attained after simmering raw fish bones for some hours. The thin liquid attains the flavor of the bones that were simmered in it even after they are removed from the stock.

Perfect Substitute For Fish Stock

What if you run out of fish stock as you prepare an important family dinner! What would you do? Do you abandon the whole process and end up having wasted your time? There must be a way to salvage out such situations. Do not freak out just yet.

Let me give you a solution that will certainly serve you best just like thefish stock would. The perfect substitute for thefish stock is clam juice. From the grocery storejust around the corner or the one that is located down the street, you can be sure to get some clam broth or clam juice. Both will serve the same purpose.

Clam Broth Recipe


  • Water
  • Cherrystone clams, about 48 of them


  • Carefully and thoroughly clean the clams. Better clean them using running water in a colander.
  • Place your clean clams in a deep pot. Add to them enough water which covers them up to 2 inches above.
  • Set the pot over high heat until the water boils.
  • Shake the components of the pot. At this stage, set the pot over low heat and let it cook for exactly 30 minutes. Do not allow the broth to overcook since it will be ruined.
  • Remove your pot from the fire and remove all the open clams and if there are some which are still closed, set them back on fire with the pot covered.
  • Cook for about 2 minutes and remove the pot from the fire. Remove the remaining clams and throw away those that are yet to open.
  • The procedure yields about six cups of clam broth

If you have clam juice or clam broth at hand, you simply need to boil it in a pot and let it evaporate until about a quarter of the total amount you had is all gone. To get this, you have to leave the pot uncovered. You will be left with a light and thin liquid which is full of seafood flavor.


I highly hope that this article has been educative enough and you now have no worry about getting the perfect fish stock substitute. Fish stock is ideal for use with seafood. It makes them richer in nutrients and adds more flavor to them.

In case you run out of fish stock, you need not worry since clam juice and clam broth can both serve as perfect substitutes. After reducing it by evaporation, you will get a thin liquid, but it will have a great and strong seafood taste.

The reduction procedure will take a few minutes since you need to lose only a quarter of what you already have. This liquid, just like fish stock will be perfect for use with a variety of seafood dishes, sauces, and soups.

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